• Do you send records anywhere in the world ?

Yes, but I mainly focus on  France and Europe. If you want to take the risk to order from anywhere else, let me know  by email and we could check together, what are the best options for shipping costs and secure packaging things.

  • Do you still sell records based on “name your price” ?

I do but you need to send me an e-mail to check everything with me. There’s no great possiblities to setup “pay-what-you-want” on website in my opinion.

  • Do you take submissions for new (co)releases ?

Of course, Send me an email with all the information and your songs and I’ll give you an answer as soon as I can. Just keep in mind that I mainly release vinyls, I’m alone and everything I do is on my freetime with the few money I had.

  • Are you interested to trade some records with other labels?

I can be interested. it always depends the period. Send me an email to check with me !

  • Do you “Punk Post” ?

I try as much as possible ! Send me an email to find a way to figure it out. If you live in Bordeaux, We could find a way to see each other to avoid the shipping cost.

  • Who are you ?

My name is Arthur and I play in several bands.
When I’m on tour, I always have some records of the label. If you have a particular request and I come in your city, hit me up !

  • Anything else ?

I’m vegan and against any kind of oppression (sexism, racism, transphobia, homophobia, ableism,specism,…).So if your band or record has something related to this, don’t even try.


Take Care !