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Split Crossed / Vibora – PENA


Spanish split between Crossed & Vibora.

black 7” with a foldover insert in a screen-printed plastic cover.

released November 4, 2022

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One Dying Wish – Origami


Post Hardcore- Screamo from Turin, Italy

Clear or Trans Purple Vinyl, comes with a postcard and a D.I.Y. random color lyrics booklet.

released May 1, 2020

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Cages – Second Thoughts


German boys of CAGES plays skreamy emotive DIY-hardcore with heavy early 2000s-influences.

single-sided LP with screen print on b-side housed in a screen printed sleeve with a lyrics-sheet.

released October 21, 2022

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Satón – ni’in


Screamo/Melodic Hardcore/ Metal 🇲🇽

released November 6, 2020

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TROMBLON – Je me fiche d’être Français


Neo Crust / Post Hardcore from Caen, France.
“French guys doing sad things”

released March 17, 2021

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STORM{O} – Finis Terrae


Over 12 songs that combine the fury and speed of old-school hardcore with the gloomiest melodies of post-hardcore, STORM{O} delivers another album that is a testament to the underground music scene.

released October 4, 2019

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Karloff – Karloff


Debut album from Canadian emoviolence act Karloff. Taking from many influences, old and new, Karloff blends jazz, screamo, noise and post rock into an intense experience.
released October 8, 2021

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